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Change of Hospital Locations for Inpatient Surgeries

As of October 1st, 2017, Prattville Baptist Hospital is no longer allowing inpatient surgery or admission after any surgery/procedure for ALL physicians. If you need Dr. Mora for ANY surgical intervention or evaluation, PLEASE go to Jackson Hospital emergency room and ask for him. NO MATTER WHICH HOSPITAL/EMERGENCY ROOM YOU GO TO, IT IS YOUR RIGHT AS A PATIENT TO REQUEST DR. MORA. 

Why can't he do surgery at Prattville Baptist Hospital?
Dr. Mora can, but only outpatient surgery as of 10/1/17.

Did this have anything to do with him?
No, this was a decision made by Prattville Baptist Hospital Administration. The reason given was that Baptist Health could not afford the operating room staff to be on call. This affected ALL physicians doing surgeries that may require an inpatient stay. It affects Dr. Mora differently because he is the only general surgeon that does surgeries strictly in Prattville. 

I was told he was going to Jackson Hospital. Why?

Two reasons why Jackson was chosen:
    1. Since all surgeries, even minor ones, can have the possibility of an event (for examples: blood loss, blood pressure issues, pain control), which could require admission to the hospital, this means that ANY Prattville Baptist Hospital patient that needs to be admitted, has to be transferred to another facility. Usually, this involves an ambulance transfer. This puts the patient at risk for complications/events during transfer, as well as, having to pay copays/fees for the ambulance services.
Dr. Mora's first priority has been and continues to be his patients. This decision by Prattville Baptist Hospital has forced him to look at all options for doing inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Ideally, having all services at one hospital seems to provide the safest and most complete patient care.
    2. Also, most of Dr. Mora's patients have told him they would prefer Jackson Hospital over other Montgomery hospitals.

Why is Dr. Mora not doing any surgeries at Baptist South or Baptist East?
Jackson Hospital and Jackson Surgery Center have offered Dr. Mora operating time and room for the care of his patients. We are considering all available options during this time of change. For any questions, please call our office, make an appointment to talk with us for further updates. We value our patients and want to answer as many questions as possible!
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